Brandy Defillo

Intro and Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

According to U.S. statistics, men are not the only ones experiencing hair loss; in fact, 40% of those affected are women. Recently, Google Search Hair Trends released that thinning hair product searches were up 145% more than any other type of hair product search. While many may reluctantly accept thin, aging hair as a fate they can’t control, éprouvage brilliantly addresses the needs of men and women experiencing signs of aging hair as the first professional haircare brand to use the science of progressive plant cells. These powerful ingredients can help reduce the appearance of aging hair even before symptoms start. In addition to treating hair with products from the éprouvage brand, here are additional styling tips and steps you should take to help reduce hair loss:

  • Minimize tug on delicate strands
    • When towel drying hair, do not vigorously rub the towel over the hair. Instead, gently scrunch hair in a towel in sections, working around the head. When brushing tangled or wet hair, always use a detangling brush specifically designed to reduce hair pull.
  • Safeguard dry lengths
    • Spray a lightweight detangler, such as éprouvage Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner, onto towel-dried mid lengths and ends to help prevent tangles and protect hair from styling damage.
  • Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase
    • Cotton pillowcase fibers can cause friction, tugging and damaging hair as you sleep. Satin or silk materials allow hair to slide around easily and retain moisture.
  • After washing and conditioning hair with either éprouvage Gentle Volume or Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner, wrap hair in towel to absorb excess water. Fine hair is delicate and needs to be treated carefully. Using low air and high heat, blow dry the hair leaving the top sections about 20% wet. Using a natural boar vent brush, push the brush into the hair right at the hairline on the top of the head. Once the brush is in the hair, slightly pull back the brush creating a soft bend in the hair. Apply heat from the blow dryer until the hair is completely dry. Next, remove the brush and gently brush through the hair.
  • Spray éprouvage Thickening and Plumping Spray throughout layers of damp hair, begin to blow dry hair in a circular upward motion, concentrating air flow at the scalp. Finish with a cold air shot to lock the volume and place.
  • For clients aftercare, recommend parting the hair in different places, especially if they are noticing hair loss or weakness at the part line. Clients should wear their hair parted one way until the first “bad hair day”. This can be defined as hair that is remaining flat or limp or simply not cooperating with styled. On that day, the client should flip their part to the opposite side.

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